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July 13, 2018

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Lebanon Mayor Paul Aziz Files for Re-Election in November 2018

Paul Aziz has announced today that he is seeking another term as Lebanon Mayor in the November 2018 Election and he has filed with the Lebanon City Recorder.  Aziz was first elected Mayor in 2012 and again in 2014 and 2016.

Mayor Aziz is looking forward to serving for another 2 year term to help lead Lebanon into the future. "We are a growing community that has reinvented itself over the years. Lebanon is in a great position economically and livability continues to improve."

Since his initial election Aziz has accomplished many positive things for the community. "I am very proud of the accomplishments the City has made while I have been in office. When I look back at my original campaign literature, I am pleased that I have accomplished many of the goals, with a few still in the works," said Mayor Aziz

Mayor Aziz said, "One of the things I am most proud of is helping to foster public trust for our City Government. We have made huge strides on being more informative and transparent to the community."

Within one month of winning the election in 2012, Aziz made sure all City Council Meetings were recorded on YouTube and available within 24 hours of each meeting. Now all council meetings are streamed live for the public in addition to being recorded on YouTube.

With Aziz's leadership, the council has worked together very well and in a positive direction. City Manager Gary Marks was hired during this time, and the Lebanon 2040 Vision process was completed with extensive community involvement. Mayor Aziz was also instrumental in reinstating the City Motto, "The City that Friendliness Built," which was well received by the community.

When the City started planning for the new water treatment plant, Albany had numerous points of contention and demands on Lebanon before continuing with the canal water agreement. During this time Aziz and the City Council decided to change course and have Lebanon get water directly from the river, eliminating Albany from the equation. The City has now come to an agreement with Albany for canal use until the water treatment plant is online.

Replacing the aging and failing water treatment plant had been kicked down the road for years. Aziz is pleased that the new water treatment plant is finally scheduled to go online at the end of this year.

The Lebanon 2040 Vision process and strategic plan was a top priority for Aziz and he was pleased with the outcome.  He commented, "We had a tremendous amount of input from our community, giving the council direction and tools to make decisions for the future."

Many of parts of the vision and strategic plan have been completed and several items are in the works. The city is moving forward with a plan and downtown redevelopment is a top priority for Mayor Aziz. "I love our downtown and want to see it thriving like it did years ago. The community was very clear during the vision process, they want downtown to be the core and heart of our city."

The City is working with the Lebanon Downtown Association and they are implementing the Oregon Main Street program in Lebanon. "There are a lot of exciting things happening downtown from expanded activities and events, a new leader for the Downtown Association, building facade renovations and new businesses coming in," said Aziz.

Aziz was instrumental in forming a committee and planning a park downtown where people can gather and enjoy a space that was not being used and becoming an eyesore. "Strawberry Plaza is now a beautiful oasis downtown for the community. It has become a catalyst and it helped kick off the revitalization of downtown Lebanon," stated Aziz.

Concerned with the lack of a community museum, Aziz recently formed a committee to investigate and work towards getting a museum in Lebanon. "We are losing stories and items every day as time goes by. We need to gather important history, stories, photos and historic items so they can be shared with everyone. This will not only be for our community, but also to share our story with those outside Lebanon."

Another important issue facing the city is wetlands issues. "We have had several companies that were very interested in coming to town. Because of wetlands issues on the properties, the costs were out of the question and we lost out on those businesses. We are currently working with the state and other agencies on some new and out of the box solutions to make it even easier for businesses to locate here in our Lebanon industrial land," Aziz said.

Aziz added, "We have so many positive things happening in Lebanon, it is an exciting time to live, work and play in our thriving community. Places like Comp Northwest, the Veteran's Home, Boulder Falls Inn, LBCC's Advanced Transportation Training Center & Health Occupations Center, ENTEK, Lowes and many other establishments are attracting more businesses and jobs here in town."

Paul Aziz has lived in Lebanon since 1997. He taught computers and photography at LBCC for over 10 years. He is the owner of Paul's Computer Repair which he operates out of his home since 2008.

Aziz loves the Christmas holiday season. He has been putting on the Cascade Christmas Lights, a computerized extreme Christmas light display that is synchronized to music since 2010. Each year hundreds of visitors stop by to enjoy the holiday music and lights. The display accepts donations for local charities such as the Lebanon Soup Kitchen and the Lebanon Kidpack weekend food program. The display has raised over $10,000 in money and 2,700 lbs of food for the organizations that helps feed those in need.

Aziz enjoys living in a smaller town like Lebanon. "I moved here because of the small town feeling. I love this town and the friendly people in our community."