© 2020 Paul Aziz for Mayor

Key areas that Paul will focus on to keep Lebanon Moving in the right direction:

A Safe Community & Public Trust
As a former Police Officer, Paul knows first hand how important a well staffed police department is. The City’s police department has excellent leadership and is very involved in the community.

LPD has  a parks and community resource officer who has had a huge impact on our homeless population and keeping our parks and community safe for families.

LPD continues to be very active in the community and the department in constantly looking at how they can do things better.

We will continue to work on making everyone welcome in the City that Friendliness Built, no matter what your color, sex, sexual orientation or disability may be. Everyone is equal in our community and deserves to be treated as such.

Strong Local Economy
The City encourages a business friendly environment to keep and attract jobs to Lebanon - we continue to do this by limiting regulations and having shovel ready sites that attract businesses. The City is working on wetlands issues, to make our industrial land more attractive and cost effective for prospective new businesses.
The community spoke loudly, and they want downtown as the center and heart of the community. The vision and strategic plan has that priority and the revitalization of downtown is underway. The City has been working with the newly branded Lebanon Downtown Association, the Lebanon Chamber and other organizations to bring life back to our downtown.
Keeping the small town feeling but still have balanced, managed growth was a top concern from the community in the 2040 Vision. Our planning efforts have laid the groundwork for this. The businesses and organizations that have come to Lebanon have been nothing but positive for the growth of our community.
The City hired an Economic Development person to continue to build on Lebanon’s growing and strong economy and it has worked. The downtown renovations are a great example of this work.. We will continue to work with the Chamber of Commerce, Downtown association and other organizations to continue to improve our economy, especially post Covid-19.

Continue to improve livability in the City that Friendliness built

At the direction of the Mayor and City Council, the City is laying the groundwork for a new museum to celebrate and showcase Lebanon’s rich history and story

Create a Celebrate Lebanon day and events to honor and pay tribute to our founders and community.

Continue to focus on making downtown the center of the community including a downtown URD zone  that will allow for improvements on Main Street.

A new parks inventory and master plan will be developed to keep in line with the community Vision.

Continue to work with the Lebanon Soup Kitchen, School District and other organizations that assist those in need in our community.

The City is working on making the downtown and nearby residential neighborhoods more accessible for people with mobility impairments.

Cheadle Lake Park has become more accessible for wheelchairs, walkers and those with mobility impairments. We will continue to make Cheadle Lake park and all Lebanon city parks, accessible to all.
Paul’s Platform 2020